NewsWorldHeart attack patients with Covid-19 have lower survival rate

Heart attack patients with Covid-19 have lower survival rate

The odds of surviving a heart attack are significantly lower when a person also has Covid-19, even though such patients tend to be generally younger than typical heart patients, a new study has found.

The researchers reviewed data on more than 80,000 people who had heart attacks in the United States in 2019 or 2020.

Most of them – about 76,000 – had heart attacks at home or at work, or in some other community setting.

In this group, 15.2% of those with COVID-19 later died in the hospital, compared to 11.2% of heart attack patients without COVID-19.

Among the roughly 4,000 patients who were already hospitalized when the heart attack occurred, 78.5% of those with COVID-19 died, compared to 46.1% of those without COVID-19, according to a report published on Monday.

Overall, the COVID-19 heart attack patients were more likely to have gone into cardiac arrest – when the heart stops beating – and less likely to undergo procedures to reopen clogged heart arteries, the researchers found.

They said more research is needed to understand why a diagnosis of Covid-19 increases the risk for death in patients having heart attacks.


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