NewsWorldHardalias announces tighter coronavirus measures for Attica

Hardalias announces tighter coronavirus measures for Attica

Deputy Minister for Civil Protection & Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias announced the tightening of preventive restrictions for the Attica and Trikala regions, speaking at Tuesday’s live briefing on the coronavirus latest facts and figures.

Effective as of Wednesday, the measures are:

» Attendees at live concerts in open air venues must not exceed 50% of the venue’s capacity. They must be seated. They can’t smoke or drink alcohol and they must wear face masks at all times.

» The operation of indoor live venues and concert halls is suspended for 14 days (also as of Wednesday).

» Cinemas and theatres must only operate at a 60% capacity maximum.

» Wearing face masks is mandatory at all indoor public and private spaces and at all outdoor places where many people may often gather, such as public squares, bus stops and long queues at shops and public services.

» Restaurants will continue to operate with a maximum of six seated customers.

The minister also announced that the region of Trikala is being placed under epidemiological surveillance with the following measures also coming into effect as of 06:00 pm on Wednesday:

» Restaurants and entertainment venues are banned from operating from midnight to 07:00 in the morning.

» Only a maximum of 50 people is allowed at public social events and gatherings.


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