NewsWorldH.E.R. Settles 2016 Copyright Lawsuit Over 'Focus'

H.E.R. Settles 2016 Copyright Lawsuit Over ‘Focus’

A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit filed against H.E.R., DJ Camper, Justin Love and Sony Music over the singer’s 2016 song Focus. Andre Sims filed a complaint against H.E.R. in June 2020, alleging that Focus intentionally copied his composition Endless Minds. Sims created the song in 2004, posted it on Instagram and YouTube in 2015 and registered it with the US Copyright Office in 2020. During an Instagram Live, Camper, who co-wrote the song with H.E.R., said that Sims’ composition inspired the melody of Focus. The terms of the settlement are unknown, however, Sims said in a statement that he is “happy” that they reached a resolution. The RnB singer has not yet commented on the matter. H.E.R. recently performed Focus at the Hollywood Bowl with the LA Philharmonic.

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