NewsWorldGreek PM addresses supporters in main pre-electoral speech

Greek PM addresses supporters in main pre-electoral speech

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis addressed supporters during his main pre-electoral speech and party rally held at the Athens area of Thissio on Friday evening, ahead of national elections on Sunday.

The premier said that his government faced several challenges over the last four years “ but it came out on top, a winner”, he added.

Four years ago “ we laid the foundation, and on Sunday, which happens to be the name day of Saints Constantine and Helen, we continue with building a new Greece.”

Effective border protection, tackling the migration influx, reducing taxes, are all issues that Mitsotakis said he spoke about in the same spot about four years ago, also ahead of national elections at the time. “I kept my word, acting as I said, keeping my promise, and I ask you to renew this agreement to truth,” he added.

On Sunday night, he stressed, “ the New Democracy government will be the first one to achieve a successive victory, having dealt with everything that came its way.”

Mitsotakis underlined the four key targets for a new four-year term of New Democracy, as “ better wages for all, a new national health system, an effective state with evaluation across the board, a proud and strong country.”


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