NewsWorldEver Given ship still stuck in Egypt's Suez Canal for sixth day

Ever Given ship still stuck in Egypt’s Suez Canal for sixth day

A large container ship was seen stuck in the Suez Canal for the sixth consecutive day on Sunday (March 28), leaving hundreds of vessels waiting to pass as further efforts are planned to dislodge it.

The 400 metre (430 yard) long Ever Given became wedged diagonally across a southern section of the canal amid high winds on Tuesday (March 24), blocking one of the world’s busiest waterways, where 15 percent of world shipping traffic transits.

Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority had announced on Saturday (March 27) the vessel had been slightly moved but there was still no indication as to when it could be dislodged.

Dredgers removed some 20,000 tonnes of sand from around its bow by Friday (March 26).

Tugging attempts restarted on Saturday afternoon and further efforts were planned for Sunday, SCA sources said, though they added more sand may need to be removed from around the ship to free it.


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