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EU produces close to 487 billion cigarettes a year

Ιn 2017, over 487 billion cigarettes were produced in the European Union (EU), 40 billion fewer than in 2016.

The production value in 2017 was around €4.9 billion, which is €1.3 billion less than in 2016, according to data released today by Eurostat.

The EU’s production of cigarettes in 2017 was equivalent to more than 950 cigarettes per EU inhabitant.

With almost 150 billion cigarettes produced, Germany was the largest producer and accounted for 31% of EU production. In other words, one in every three cigarettes produced in the EU originated in Germany.

Poland ranked second (114 billion cigarettes produced in 2017, or 23% of the EU total) and Romania third (70 billion, 14%). These three Member States accounted more than two-thirds of the total production of cigarettes in the EU.

They were followed by Greece and Portugal (both producing 25 billion cigarettes, 5% of the EU total) and Bulgaria (20 billion, 4%)).

This information is published by Eurostat on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day.

(Cyprus News Agency)

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