NewsWorldCondition with wildfire on Evia still difficult

Condition with wildfire on Evia still difficult

The condition with the fire fronts in northern Evia continues to be difficult and currently the battle with the blaze focuses on two fronts in order to prevent the fire from reaching the towns of Edipsos and Istiea.
The fire front at Kamtriades is now under control but the winds are pushing the fire to the village of Galatsades.
The entire firefighting forces are now on the road that links Kamatriades with Kamaria and are trying to create a firebreak to prevent the blaze from reaching the village of Kastaniotissa.
The second front is near the villages Gerakiou, Avgaria and Galatsona.
Rekindling and small fronts that turn into a new fire front continues to be a huge problem for the firefighting forces. Finally, there is a major problem with the power supply as the damage to the network is major and most of the villages do not have electricity and water.

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