NewsWorldCanadians swelter in historic heatwave

Canadians swelter in historic heatwave

Canadians living in the western part of the country struggled on Monday (June 28) and Tuesday (June 29) to find some relief from a historic and deadly heatwave.

In Edmonton, community outreach workers turned their attention to the most vulnerable Canadians. Vera Fischer took a day off of work to hand out fruit and water to Edmonton’s homeless.

The heatwave has claimed the lives of dozens of Canadians, many of them elderly, according to the CBC.

In rural Alberta, farmers are feeling the heat too as they struggle to save crops and livestock. Lynn Jacobson, the President of Alberta’s Agriculture Federation, said that unrelenting weather meant crop yields would not meet expectations for many farmers.

But farmer Jessica Fasoli had a more immediate concern on her mind – trying to protect her pigs by slathering them in a natural sunscreen of mud.

Forecasters are predicting more record-breaking temperatures in Canada on Wednesday (June 30) and Thursday (July 1). However, they are expecting a break in the heat on Friday (July 2).

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