NewsWorldBritish Cypriots ask Johnson to go against Erdogan’s delinquency

British Cypriots ask Johnson to go against Erdogan’s delinquency

On the occasion of Cyprus’ 60th anniversary of Independence, a group of British Cypriots sent a letter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking him to go against Turkish President’s delinquency. Initially, the letter stressed the “special relationship” between Cyprus and the United Kingdom and then referred to the ongoing occupation of the island by Turkey, the presence of Turkish troops in Cyprus, as well as the more recent Turkish provocations, which destabilize the Eastern Mediterranean. The letter pointed out that “with the United Kingdom being an island, we have to send a crystal clear message that the rights attributed to the islands by the convention are non-negotiable.” The signatories asked the British Prime Minister to use any available means to face this behavior by the Turkish President and to reconfirm the British Government’s commitment to a viable Cyprus solution. A copy of the letter was sent to more than 20 current and former members of the Conservatives at the House of Commons and the House of Lords.


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