NewsWorldBritain concerned by Northern Ireland violence

Britain concerned by Northern Ireland violence

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he was “deeply concerned” by the violence in Northern Ireland which has injured dozens of police officers in recent days.

Violence scenes show crowds of youths in a pro-British area of Belfast going as far as to  set a hijacked bus on fire.

Meanwhile, Northern Ireland’s devolved government will meet to be briefed on nightly outbreaks of street violence that escalated on Wednesday with sectarian clashes, continued attacks on police and the setting alight of a hijacked bus.

The violence comes amid growing frustration among many pro-British unionists at new post-Brexit trade barriers between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom that many warned could be a trigger violent protests.

Irish Prime Minister, Micheál Martin, called on Dublin, London and all parties in Northern Ireland to work together to ease tensions and restore calm.

The British-run region’s devolved executive, a compulsory power-sharing coalition led by Irish nationalists and their unionist rivals, will meet later on Thursday to discuss the clashes, Deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill said.

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