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Better yet in China, as domestic transmission all but disappears

China reported 45 new coronavirus cases in the mainland, down from 54, with all but one involving travelers from overseas, accordinf to the the country’s health authority.

In the past last seven days, China has reported 313 imported cases of coronavirus but only 6 confirmed of domestic transmission.

Most of those imported cases have involved Chinese returning home from abroad. Airlines have been ordered to sharply cut international flights starting today. And restrictions on foreigners entering the country went into effect yesterday.

Five more people died on Saturday, all of them in Wuhan, the industrial central city where the epidemic began in December. But Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, has reported only one new case on the past 10 days.

A total of 3,300 people have now died in mainland China, with a reported 81,439 infections.

Yesterday marked the fourth consecutive day that Hubei province recorded no new confirmed cases. The sole case of domestically transmitted coronavirus was recorded in Henan province, bordering Hubei.

With traffic restrictions in the province lifted, Wuhan is also gradually reopening borders and restarting some local transportation services.

“It’s much better now, there was so much panic back then. There weren’t any people on the street. Nothing. ” a man, who gave his surname as Hu,told Reuters as he ventured out to buy groceries in Wuhan.

“Now, it is under control. Now, it’s great, right?”

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