NewsWorldBaby born as Beirut blast rips through hospital

Baby born as Beirut blast rips through hospital

As a devastating blast wave tore across Beirut after a warehouse explosion, Emmanuelle Khnaisser prepared to give birth to a baby boy as the hospital shook and windows shattered.

Her husband Edmound captured the shocking moments on camera before their son George was delivered safe and well.

“My son George was born under a catastrophic blast, I did not believe we came out alive,” Edmound said.

In a social media post, the new father praised the efforts of the doctors and nurses who delivered his newborn son. In a message of thanks of written in George’s behalf the post continued, “Thank you for bringing me safely into this world. I hope I can pay you back some day.”

On Tuesday, a devastating blast ripped through Beirut, killing 145 people and generating a seismic shock that was felt across the region. Dozens are missing, thousands are injured and a quarter of a million people are without homes fit to live in.

A security source said the death toll had reached 145, and officials said the figure was likely to rise.

Source: Reuters London

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