NewsWorldAt least two dead, seven injured after Russian forces hit Ukraine's Sloviansk

At least two dead, seven injured after Russian forces hit Ukraine’s Sloviansk

A 53 year-old resident of Slovyansk nursed his injuries on Tuesday (July 5) and recollected the shelling that the city went through which led to at least two dead and seven wounded.

Russian forces struck a market and a residential area in the city of Sloviansk in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday, killing at least two people and injuring seven, according to officials.

“We were sitting and counting. We counted how many there were. And then the Uragans started coming in, you don’t hear them flying, only when they hit the ground,” said Slovyansk resident, Yurrii Sherbakov.

It was not immediately clear what munitions had been used in the attack on the frontline city in the Donetsk region, or how many people had been at the market when it was hit.

Russia has denied deliberately attacking civilians since invading Ukraine on Feb. 24. Ukraine says Russia has been using inaccurate Soviet-era missiles to hit military and critical infrastructure, killing many civilians in wayward strikes.


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