NewsWorldAfrican heatwave in UK next month, near 40s expected

African heatwave in UK next month, near 40s expected


The UK Met Office has commented on reports that temperatures in the country are set to soar to more than 35 Celsius as high next month -caused by to ‘African plumes’ sweeping across Europe.

The UK has been beset by heavy rain showers and thunderstorms over the past few days.

However things could be set to change, according to some forecasters, with the African plume bringing drier conditions.

These however are just preliminary predictions and it’s still too early to be specific.

“Most summers here in the UK we see a spell of hotter weather, with temperatures getting above 30C so it isn’t unusual,” added the forecaster.

However, the forecaster offers more hope in its contingency forecast for May to July saying: “This Outlook suggests the chances of heatwaves are higher than normal.”

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