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New student housing in Engomi area

New student housing will soon be erected near the University of Nicosia and the Institute of Neurology and Genetics, Engomi area.

The ambitious project concerns a private development of student housing and shops, according to a report submitted before the Environment Authority. It also involves the demolition of existing facilities.

The proposed development which is three eight-storey buildings will provide a total of 450 apartments along with 15 shops to provide services to students living there.

Six of the eight floors of each building will have 19 apartments, while the other two floors will consist of 18 apartments each.

Out of the 450 apartments, 408 will have a total area of ​​27.6 m2, while 18 apartments will have a total area of ​​30.6 m2 and the remaining 24 will have a total area of ​​43 m2. In addition, each building will have a lounge/concierge, laundry and game areas.

The development will include 224 car parking spaces and 226 motorbike parking spaces. The development’s 15 stores will cover an overall surface area of ​​885.2 m2.

Michaels Automotive, the representatives of Ford cars in Cyprus, are currently situated where the new student housing will be erected. These facilities will be demolished before construction begins.

At the same time, Engomi Municipality have approved plans for a 144-room 4-star hotel next to Nicosia’s satellite casino and opposite Hilton Park Hotel. Also, adjacent to Hilton Park, there is a proposal for a new residential development called “Orion” which includes two 16-storey towers that will create a total of 86 luxury apartments.


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