News Local New smart police tool spots unpaid fines, law violations by scanning cars

New smart police tool spots unpaid fines, law violations by scanning cars

Police has recently installed a smart licence plate scanner, which locates cars with outstanding fines.

The automatic number-plate recognition systems (ANPR) enables officers to scan the area and find vehicles registered to drivers who owe traffic fines, such as long due speeding tickets or unpaid parking violations, as well as locate possibly stolen cars.

ANPR also alerts officers whether there are arrest warrants against drivers or if a vehicle is uninsured.

According to Phileleftheros, traffic officers focus on people who owe €300 or more.

In the past, officers could call in a licence plate in question to find out whether there were any outstanding warrants or fines.

ANPR allows officers to focus on other tasks while the system scans for vehicles and automatically flags them.

Normal citizens are not the only ones affected by ANPR, Phileleftheros reports, as about 85 police officers who owed a total of €200,000 in fines, along with 15 prison guards owing €11,000, were brought to the attention of the police chief following a report by the state’s auditor general.

Traffic police are is will soon have the right to order the towing of a vehicle and confiscate driver’s licences.

A bill granting more power to traffic police is expected to be reviewed in Parliament before the end of the year.

Increased fines are included in the legislation such as a fine for driving while using a mobile device or not wearing a seatbelt.

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