NewsLocalNew penalty points system for drivers to be introduced

New penalty points system for drivers to be introduced

The penalty points system used currently is about to change, since there are noted problems in it, especially regarding the immediacy of the withdrawal of the biggest offenders’ driving licenses and the addition of extra points.

According to the bill prepared by the Justice Ministry, from now on if a driver collects twelve points, the head of the Department of Road Transport will be notified. Then, the department of Road Transport will give the offender the right to present an appeal within five days. If he does not, then his driving licence will be withdrawn.

Traffic police had also noted that many drivers had amassed 20-25 penalty points. This happened because if a person with 12 points went to court, he/her would have had to pay a fine or was simply charged with more points. However, the points he/she had amassed by then, would not have been erased.

In addition, new legislation promoted increases penalties for serious traffic offenses, resulting in serious injuries or even death.

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