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New obstacles to the Single Inspection Service bill

A bill providing for the establishment of a Single Inspection Service in Cyprus has been confronted with new obstacles.

The bill, which provides that 28 laws pertaining to the Labour Ministry will come under its umbrella, was yesterday met with new objections from the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEVE) and the Cyprus Employers Federation (OEB). Even though this has been amended enough so as to find all concerned parties agreeable.

After two years of deliberations before Parliament, OEB and KEVE said in a new letter sent to Labour Minister Zeta Emilianidou that a new round of social dialogue is necessary to deal with new onservations and reservations. Both organisations argue that there are still unanswered questions regarding inspections to be carried out and administrative fines to be imposed. As well as additional provisions in the bill that may affect the operation of a business.

During yesterday’s debate before the House Labour Committee, representatives of the Chamber and OBE also said that they had identified weaknesses and gaps in the bill that need to be addressed through dialogue with the Minister. The goal, they said, is to make changes that would be acceptable to employers.

The new postponement of the bill’s approval, as well as the new obstacles raised by the employers, have been criticised by trade union leaders who believe social dialogue on this issue has been exhausted. The unionists also called for the bill to be immediately sent to the plenum for a vote.

The bill’s approval will strengthen efforts over the enforcement of undeclared work. Emilianidou said the bill does not change labour laws currently in force, and that many of the reservations raised and suggestions made have already been addressed. Emilianidou also said she was ready to accept amendments to the bill’s provisions provided that these would protect the rights of workers and businesses from unfair competition.


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