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New decree on repatriations, Covid-19 tests, businesses

Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou late on Wednesday issued a new decree covering repatriations, compulsory coronavirus tests for some group of workers and closure of shops on Easter Sunday and Monday.

The new decree also sets a ceiling for Covid-19 tests at private labs as well as price ceilings for antiseptics, masks and thermometers, obliges some businesses to supply their employees with masks and gloves and prohibits any gatherings or events associated with Easter.


Repatriation on flights to be allowed by exception is permitted to the following categories of individuals who have or will express an interest:

1 Cypriots who are permanent residents of the Republic, their non-Cypriot spouses and their underage children

2 All legal residents of the Republic

3 All people entitled to entry under the Vienna Convention

Repatriations of categories 1 to 3  are subject to the following:

If necessary the Republic will charter special flights from abroad and the ticket cost, if there is one, will be covered by each passenger.

All arriving passengers in these categories will be quarantined for 14 days at facilities selected by the Republic. Those requiring medical help may instead self-isolate at home subject to the approval of the Health Minister.

All arrivals will undergo mandatory Covid-19 tests.

Repatriation will be according to a preferred date as stated on the Foreign Ministry’s platform  to the extent that this is possible and provided it is preceded by  the repatriation of eligible people, based on their stated preferred dates

Companies and services

Should any positive coronavirus case be detected in any business, the public and wider public sector, independent services and local authorities, then the Health Ministry will for the purposes of public health announce the name and address.

Asylum seekers coming to reception centres will undergo compulsory 14 day quarantine before coming into contact with other residents


The decree sets a maximum wholesale and retail price until May 17 for disinfectants, thermometers and masks

The price of a private Covid-19 test is set at a maximum of €110 plus VAT.

Movement over Easter

All events, gatherings organized as part of Easter traditions are prohibited as are any events or gatherings in the surrounding areas of places of worship.

Test for employees

Employers and managers of the businesses listed below must ensure their employees take a coronavirus test by April 28.

  • Supermarkets, bakeries throughout the supply chain (production, delivery, serving the public)
  • Old people’s homes
  • Fruit shops, kiosk, mini-markets, grocers, butchers, fishmongers

They can use the provisions of the scheme for 20,000 workers announced by the ministry and if this is not possible must make arrangements for their employees to take the test, with the business covering the cost.

Operation of businesses

Owners and managers of supermarkets, bakeries, fruit shops, kiosk, mini-markets, grocers, butchers, fishmongers, confectioners, wine cellars and other food and drink production units must supply their employees with masks and gloves for their work.

Employees and suppliers are not allowed to move around these businesses without masks and gloves.

Those retail companies still in operation can extend their opening hours on April 17 and 18 to 8 pm.

All must close on April 19 and 20 (Easter Sunday and Monday) including electronic and telephone sales.

The following are excluded

(i) kiosks

(ii) catering establishments which can only offer home delivery and pick up. Bakeries and confectioneries are exempted only on April 19.

Health inspectors working for the Health Ministry are named as authorized officials to check implementation of the decree in association with police


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