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New coalition “government” formed in the occupied north

The National Unity Party (UBP) and the People’s Party (HP) agreed on Wednesday to form a new coalition “government” in the occupied north.

The two parties signed an “official” coalition protocol this morning before the UBP leader Ersin Tatar, who presented it to Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci.

Speaking during the ceremony, the leader of the Peoples’ Party Kudret Özersay said that the country was going through a critical phase both politically and economically, particularly in regard to the Cyprus problem.

Tatar also said that he trusted Özersay when it came to the Cyprus problem, repeating the view that their respective parties shared the same view when it came to the Cyprus problem.

According to Turkish Cypriot media, the distribution of seats in the new government will be seven to three (7-3) with UBP holding the majority of the cabinet.

The assemblies of the two parties which convened yesterday afternoon approved the agreement reached by the two party leaders earlier in the day. While the UBP’s party assembly unanimously voted in favour of the coalition government, the HP’s party assembly approved the agreement with a majority of 40 to 20.

The “cabinet” list:

“Prime minister”: Ersin Tatar (UBP)

“Deputy prime minister-foreign minister”: Kudret Özersay (HP)

“Minister of interior”: Ayşegül Baybars (HP)

“Minister of finance”: Olgun Amcaoğlu (UBP)

“Minister of health”: Ali Pilli (UBP)

“Minister of labour and social security”: Faiz Sucuoğlu (UBP)

“Minister of national education and culture”: Nazım Çavuşoğlu (UBP)

“Minister of agriculture and natural resources”: Dursun Oğuz (UBP)

“Minister of economy and energy”: Hasan Taçoy (UBP)

“Minister of public works and communication”: Tolga Atakan (HP)

“Minister of tourism and environment”: Ünal Üstel (UBP)

The previous “government” collapsed when several members of the “cabinet” resigned, after it was made public that the “Finance ministry”, led by Serdar Denktash, leased ‘state’ land, without proper procedures being followed, to the Rauf Denktash university, in which his son is a main shareholder.

A probe has been launched into the case.

(Picture by Kibris Postasi)

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