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New app to measure crowding at supermarkets amid crisis

A new smartphone app wants to give users the possibility of avoiding crowded supermarkets when purchasing basic goods during the Covid-19 lockdown measures by providing relevant information in real time, the CNA reports.

The WaitLess app, devised by a team of Cyprus IT specialists says in an announcement published on Monday that it wants to add more businesses other than supermarkets, like pharmacies, blood donation centres and banks.

The app can be downloaded via Google Play Store by searching ‘WaitLessCY’ or via the website The iOS app is expected to be launched in the coming days.

The team said that they have already notified the Deputy Ministry of Research and Innovation on their idea, which they said aims to promote the responsible use of movement by exception and to protect the staff members and customers of supermarkets.

Explaining how it works, the creators said that if an app user sees the supermarket they wish to visit is crowded, they can postpone their shopping to a different time.

The location data would be provided by users themselves subject to their agreement of the app’s privacy policy that would allow access to their location. This would ensure that the information provided by the app remains updated.

“Our team respects users’ privacy. Therefore, the device’s location will not be associated with the people as registered users. In addition, no history is kept of the locations, nor is the route followed by the user watched,” it was added.

It was finally mentioned that the management of supermarkets can have access to the data through a platform developed separately which allows them to provide accurate information on traffic at their stores to prevent overcrowding during their working hours.

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