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Nepheli the Griffon Vulture spotted near Limassol zoo

Young Nepheli, one of two recently tagged Griffon Vultures, spent the last three days in the heart of the city of Limassol but has now returned to her natural habitat, BirdLife Cyprus says.

Since her release two weeks ago, the #LIFEwithVultures project team has been keeping a close eye on Nepheli and Ikaros to make sure that they are safe, the NGO added. The EU funded project aims to protect the vulnerable Cyprus Griffon vulture population, estimated at 20 to 25 individuals.

“Both birds seemed to be flying routinely around the usual roosting and feeding areas, but on Friday afternoon, we were surprised to see that Nepheli chose an unusual route and landed in Limassol city centre. The GPS signal was transmitting from a location near Limassol Zoo. An onsite visit confirmed that the bird was indeed there, thankfully perched high on a eucalyptus tree, completely oblivious of the Hooded Crows that kept on mobbing her constantly,” it added.

“A built-up area is not suitable for a wild bird and hinders many dangers, so the Game and Fauna Service and BirdLife Cyprus kept a close eye on Nepheli these last three days to ensure her safety,” it added.

There was relief came when around noontime yesterday, Nepheli decided to go back to her natural habitat and flew inland. Two hours later, she was back in ‘vulture land’, the NGO said.

“It’s difficult to say why Nepheli ended up in the city. The main assumption is that as an inexperienced bird, she was disorientated and as night approached, the bird was attracted by the green patch at the Limassol Zoo area and perched nearby. We hope that this is a one-off incident. We will keep a close eye on her and keep you posted. Thanks to Limassol Zoo for their support,” it concluded.

Below is a video of when the two young vultures were released.


Η απελευθέρωση του νεαρού Γύπα

Μετά από περισσότερο από ένα μήνα στον ειδικό κλωβό της Υπηρεσίας Θήρας και Πανίδας, ο νεαρός Γύπας απελευθερώθηκε με επιτυχία! Μετά από 5 μέρες αγωνίας για το αν θα καταφέρει να σμίξει με τους υπόλοιπους Γύπες, το σήμα του πομπού σήμερα εκπέμπει από την αποικία Γυπών και μάλιστα δίπλα σε άλλον Γύπα ο οποίος επίσης φέρει πομπό και απελευθερώθηκε την ίδια μέρα. Και τώρα είναι ώρα για ψηφοφορία! Τι όνομα να δώσουμε στον νεαρό μας Γύπα; Ζωή ή Νεφέλη; Ψηφίστε εδώ:–After having spent more than a month at the Game and Fauna Service's acclimatization aviary, the young Griffon Vulture that was found stranded at Episkopi Bay, was ringed, tagged and successfully released! After 5 days of worry whether it will be reunited with its fellow vultures, the GPS tag is now transmitting from the vulture colony and in fact, right next to another Griffon Vulture, that was also tagged, ringed and released on the same day.And now it's voting time! What name shall we give it? Zoe or Nepheli? Take part in the voting process 👉

Publiée par BirdLife Cyprus sur Mercredi 20 novembre 2019

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