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‘Mythical’ theme park for Paphos in the works

Paphos is set to acquire its own theme park, “Mythos” at Neo Chorio, with Hong Kong investors teeming up with Cypriots to deliver the project by summer of 2021.

“Mythos” belongs to Goldsky S.H Ltd which is a newly registered company with Hong Kong and Cypriot ownership and will be part of an international amusement park chain – the first of its kind in Cyprus.

It has a town planning permit while its construction permit is imminent, insiders told Phileleftheros.

Some 80 people will be employed at the 45,000 square metre theme park whose cost is estimated at €11-12 million. Mythos will base its theme on Greek mythology and Cypriot history, combining entertainment and education with activities that will be divided into three categories.

The park will have a total of 250 parking spaces, entry tickets and management offices plus souvenir shops, changing rooms and facilities for the disabled. It will also have a 7-dimensional cinema (7D) and a music amphitheatre with a capacity of 500-800 seats.

The park will also provide special boat rides on artificial waterways based on Greek mythology and it will simulate Ulysses’ journey to Ithaca. Another boat ride is set to follow Jason’s mythological journey and will appeal to more adventurous visitors since it will have ‘drops’ from 3.5 metres and 7 metres high.

Children will have their own club with security personnel and trained staff, along with a playground with slides, rock climbing and special toys.

“Mythos” park will also have a dining hall accommodating 1,500 people daily. Events such as weddings, baptisms and birthday or anniversary parties could be organised there.

The park is 280 metres away from the Natura 2000 network but after the coastal town’s Environmental Authority had been consulted it agreed that construction could go ahead provided certain conditions were met.


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