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Morphou bishop says given abortion rate, hypocritical to mourn serial killer’s child victims

Bishop Neophytos of Morphou has caused another uproar after his remarks on abortion and convicted serial killer Nicos Metaxas were posted on line.

The remarks were made during the same speech he gave on June 25 in Akaki  during which he claimed the men are born gay if their mothers enjoyed anal sex when they were pregnant, and said that homosexual men emitted a bad odour.

In the latest extract, the bishop said that it is hypocritical to mourn for the two children killed by convicted serial killer Nicos Metaxas at a time where there are so many abortions in Cyprus.

“You had three abortions, your own babies, and now hypocrite, you criticise Nicolas,” he asked?

He suggested that it was inevitable that a country with such a high rate of abortions would produce such a murderer. As long as abortions continue then we would have such crimes which will demonstrate our hypocrisy, he said.

The homophobic remarks have been widely criticised and and ridiculed on social media, while on Tuesday left wing Akel issued a written statement denouncing them. The party said it condemned homophobia, misogyny and mediaeval views,  wherever they came from.

And it said the Holy Synod should state its position as should the state. “These opinions are not unscientific and deeply misanthropic. Some of them at least constitute hate speech,” it said adding that members of the clergy are not above the law.

Pro-government Disy, the island’s largest party also condemned the bishop’s statements which it said ran against human rights and the messages of Christianity and respect for our fellow human.

“This insulting rhetoric has no place in the work of the clergy or in the framework of the principles and values of the church of Cyprus,” it said.

Also on Tuesday, Diko said that the bishop’s statements about the loss of life of two children at the hands of a murderer have exceeded every limit  and have caused outrage in society.

“Moreover, his recent comments about homosexuals promote hate and discrimination, insult the intelligence of all and of course lack any gravity or validity,” it said.

Diko condemned the statements which damage the reputation of the Church of Cyprus.

The Bishop of Morphou has already been condemned by our fellow citizens and as regards the church, it is up to the Holy Synod to deal with the issue, the party concluded.



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