NewsLocalMore than 300 people booked in 24 hours for restriction violations

More than 300 people booked in 24 hours for restriction violations

Police found 318 people over the past 24 hours in violation of restrictions imposed since Tuesday to stem the spread of Covid-19.

As reported this morning, more than 10,000 checks were conducted, while in addition 3939 businesses were monitored, with 25 booked for violations, from yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, a police spokesperson told CNA that 129 drivers and pedestrians were reported from six in the afternoon yesterday until six this morning for violating the restriction decree. They conducted 3,502 checks in all cities.

There were 685 checks on drivers and pedestrians in Nicosia, with 56 reported, 1,289 in Limassol with 22 reported, 267 in Larnaca with 7 reported, 269 in Paphos with 3 reported, 766 in Famagysta, with 38 booked and 46 in Morphou, with 1 booked.

During the same time, police conducted 1,412 checks on businesses, with 3 reported.

19 commercial stores were booked for being open, violating restrictions, out of a total of 343 checks throughout Cyprus.

Since restrictions were imposed on March 24, more than 1100 people and businesses have been reported for violations, with almost 60,000 checks in total.

The first fines were imposed yesterday, in Paphos, with two people paying 400 euro each for breaking a decree banning all unnecessary movement.

Police is expected to intensify checks over the next week.

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