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MoH draws attention to gathering areas following Limassol restaurant cases

The Health Ministry stressed anew the importance of self-protection measures on Sunday after five employees at the Limassol branch of a restaurant chain tested positive to Coronavirus.

“Following the recent domestic cases of Covid-19 found in Limassol, particularly the five employees of Wagamama at Limassol Marina, we would like to draw the citizens’ attention to matters pertaining to their visits to areas with large gathering of people,” the Health Ministry said in an announcement.

It was clarified that all employees at the above restaurant have since taken the Coronavirus test and the premises were disinfected for two consecutive days as per the relevant protocol.

The Health Ministry reiterated that “we all have a personal and social responsibility to protect public health and to maintain our good epidemiological status,” adding that bringing back the lockdown measures will be the last resort and that “we all have an obligation to prevent this from happening.”

It was stressed that it is extremely important that all citizens continue to take self-protection measures despite the easing of the lockdown, especially when visiting crowded areas where social distancing is difficult to adhere to, like restaurants, supermarkets, malls etc. 

Moreover, the Health Ministry reminded that the use of a face mask is obligatory for employees who provide in-person customer service, like cashiers, supermarket/retail salespersons, waiting staff, food and drink makers in catering establishments etc.

“At the same time, distances should me maintained at all times between employees, especially during breaks when there is closer contact,” it was added.

Finally, the Health Ministry urged all citizens to monitor their own health, especially if they have visited areas where cases have been found, and contact their Personal Doctor immediately for instructions if they present Coronavirus symptoms, i.e. cough, fever, shortness of breath, anosmia, ageusia or dysgeusia.

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