NewsLocalMitsero murders: Diver finds cement block in Kokkini Limni

Mitsero murders: Diver finds cement block in Kokkini Limni

A diver searching for a murder victim in Mitsero’s Kokkini Limni has found what appears to be a cement block, tied to a piece of rope, philenews reports.

It said that efforts are underway to recover it.

Two bodies have been found in suitcases at the lake and search parties have been looking for a third victim of a self-confessed serial killer.

He has told police he threw three of his seven victims in the toxic lake, after first putting them in suitcases with cement blocks.

During extensive searches in the past weeks, search parties found one cement block in a suitcase containing the first victim and a second one near where the second suitcase was later found.

Earlier today, fire chief Markos Trangolas told Radio Active that the search at Kokkini Limni – where divers have found the bodies of Livia Florentina Bunea and her eight year old daughter Elena Natalia and are looking for a third victim, 30 year Maricar Valdez Arquiola, are continuing with the same intensity.

He said that the search teams were aware of the difficulties from the beginning, adding that the huge amounts of mud were making the search for the third body – which the suspect says he put in a suitcase and threw in the lake – particularly challenging.

He said it was impossible to tell how deep the mud was and no one can say for certain whether the suitcase has been covered by mud and whether it was on a flat level, and therefore could not be detected by the sonar which can detect protrusions and other items which do not belong to the environment.

The fire chief ruled out draining the lake as the head of the geological survey department has explained that this would not be possible.

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