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Ministry publishes protocols for children’s play areas



The Health Ministry has published health protocols for the operation of children’s play areas so as to minimise the risk of the spread of coronavirus. These are complementary to requirements set out in health and safety and quarantine laws, it said.

They include:

  • Regular cleaning and disinfection, regular ventilation, procedures in the event someone (child, guardian, parent or staff) has suspect symptoms or has been confirmed to be infected or has recovered from Covid 19 and preparation of an isolation room.
  • Entrance to the play area by parents or guardians or employees in urgent cases is permitted once personal protective measures are taken (mask, gloves) for a reasonable time provided permission is given by the manager
  • Recommended use of mask by person responsible for the area and during preparation of food.
  • Use of mask compulsory for external associates (eg suppliers or to resolve a problem)
  • Entrance and exit should be from specific entrance/exit doors and steps must be taken to prevent crowding
  • There must be hand sanitiser at each entrance/exit of common use areas. These should be out of the reach of children who must use them only under adult supervision
  • The ministry recommends WHO instructions on hand washing etc be affixed inside and outside
  • Signs on personal hygiene/protective measures and distancing
  • The names, contact details and time of arrival and departure of children/ accompanying adults should be recorded in special register for tracing purposes. The same should apply for those responsible for each section of the play area.
  • Staff should keep an eye on visitors to ensure compliance with hygiene rules
  • The maximum number permitted is 75 inside and 150 outside. The maximum is calculated based on two metres per person, excluding staff.  Simultaneous gatherings inside and outside are not permitted
  • Health Ministry rules on catering areas should be implemented
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection,



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