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Ministry of Health to enhance immunity of specific groups against COVID in view of winter

Cyprus’ Ministry of Health focuses on enhancing the immunity of specific groups of the population, who were vaccinated against COVID-19 in the first phase of the National Vaccination Plan and specifically of the elderly, health professionals and immunocompromised people in view of winter, said Wednesday Mister of Health Michalis Hadjipantela.

According to a press release, Hadjipantela was speaking at a conference on “Health in the Era of the Pandemic” co-organized by the Pancyprian Pharmaceutical Association and Top Kinisis.

The scientific community expects that this winter, COVID-19 will coexist with other seasonal infections, hence the supportive vaccination against COVID is necessary, said the Minister.

“We work diligently and persistently to protect public health. We are adapting our strategy to the ever-changing data, in order to be able to face the unpredictable things that the pandemic has not yet shown to us”, he said.

The Minister of Health referred to what was done in the last 20 months to deal with the pandemic, noting that 10 months after the start of vaccinations, and despite the skepticism showed by some people, fully vaccinated people have reached 78%, the new cases have stabilized in the last weeks and the number of patients were reducing. He added that the effectiveness of the vaccines is self-evident “.

He also announced that the Ministry will support citizens who have contracted the virus and are still experiencing its effects medically, socially and psychologically.

“It is estimated that in our country’s post-COVID patients exceed 30,000 and need support at multiple levels. A first step that will be implemented in the next few days is the creation of post-COVID clinics, where people who are ill and continue to have health issues, will receive the necessary medical, psychological and other assistance,” said the Minister.

The Minister of Health, also said that they would carry out a study  concerning the social and psychological consequences of the disease

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