News Local Ministry of Education: Raft of measures in schools due to high dust...

Ministry of Education: Raft of measures in schools due to high dust levels

The Ministry of Education announced on Monday that according to the Forecast department the levels of dust in the atmosphere will remain high on Tuesday as well and Public Schools should implement the following raft of protection measures:

  • On break times students are only allowed to leave the classroom when deemed absolutely necessary (toilet, water, canteen etc.) and should then immediately return to their classrooms.
  • Physical education classes will not take place unless they can be held in an indoor space.
  • All excursions, events and activities that require long-term outdoor stay are cancelled.
  • Students with respiratory problems should use appropriate personal protection. Parents must inform school authorities if their children are at any risk whatsoever due to high dust levels.

Parents are invited to advise children to follow the measures and instructions of the school authorities. For any questions or clarifications, parents can contact the following departments:

Department of Primary Education:  22800661
Department of Secondary General Education:  22800630 or 22800631
Department of Secondary Technical and Vocational Education: 22800651 or 22800652.

The Ministry of Education and Culture, in consultation with all the relevant services, will release further information at a later stage.

Source: philenews / CNA

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