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Ministry: Evicted Pissouri homeowners should apply to district officer for aid

Homeowners forced to abandon their homes in the Limnes area of Pissouri after they were deemed unsuitable because of a landslide must apply to the Limassol district office for the financial assistance that was approved by cabinet yesterday

The Interior Ministry on Thursday issued an announcement with some clarifications regarding cabinet’s decision. It did not specify how much aid will be given saying only that it was a temporary humanitarian move to pay for temporary shelter and will be calculated on the same way as aid is calculated for recipients of the minimum guaranteed income.

Cabinet also approved a series of infrastructure projects to help stabilise the area including a wall along Kimonos street and said the sewerage system will be redesigned so that construction can start as soon as the landslide is stabilised.

Existing cesspits will be sealed and replaced with affected home owners to receive subsidies for new ones.

The ministry clarified that the decision to offer assistance and to take measures to deal with the landslide and subsidence does not affect the decisions that will be taken once a specialised study is completed.

“Moreover, in no instance should this decision be interpreted as the state accepting any responsibility for the problem created by the landslide,” it added.

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