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Ministry eases rules on number of swimmers in pools


Swimming pools will be allowed more swimmers per square metre of surface water under updated regulations issued by the Health Ministry on Monday.

Previously, the stringent protocols stipulated that in the case of outdoor pools only one swimmer would be permitted for every five square metres of surface water. For indoor pools, the rule was one swimmer for every 10 square metres of surface water.

This has now changed and outdoor pools can have one swimmer for every 2.5 square metres of surface water and for indoor pools, one for every five square metres.

The two metres distancing rule remains in force.

The new rules come into effect one month after the launch of phase three of the relaxation of restrictions which included the opening of swimming pools.

Regulations cover personal hygiene of staff and users, checks on the quality of the water, disinfection of premises and rules for changing rooms, among other.

They require all swimmers to wear a swimming cap.

Spectators must comply with the 2 metre distancing rule on the stands and must remain in those areas and not enter the swimmers’ areas

The exterior of the swimming pool should have signs on the floor so that swimmers can easily maintain a two metre distance. Use of changing rooms and showers should be in line with decrees while tables and sunbeds in outdoor pools are permitted provided they are two metres apart.

Management must ensure they are cleaned and disinfected every time there is a new user.

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