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Ministerial Council to decide on restrictive measures on Friday

Decisions about further restrictive measures to curb the outbreak of COVID-19 have been postponed since the Council of Ministers will now meet on Friday at 11:30.

All possibilities are open but the most possible scenarios have to do with various versions of a general quarantine. The two scenarios submitted by scientists are the following:

The first scenario has to do with a relaxed lockdown, meaning stricter measures that are already in place. Gatherings at homes will be restricted, there will be distance working in the public and private sector, while gyms, dancing schools, malls and afternoon lesson will suspend their operation. In the latter group barber shops, hairdressers and beauty salons will be added. Schools will remain closed for at least another week.

The second scenario refers to a strict total lockdown and its only difference from March will be the fact that airports will be open. The specific proposal provides implementation for two weeks and gradual lifting of restrictions.


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