News Local Military budget: less money for equipment, more for wages-maintenance

Military budget: less money for equipment, more for wages-maintenance

The Ministry of Defence has submitted its budget for 2019 to Parliament.

According to Phileleftheros, the funds that the Ministry requests from the state for equipment are reduced compared to previous years, while the budget for wages of personnel, operation and maintenance is increased.

This reflects the National Guard’s new philosophy for a smaller, more sustainable and flexible army, Phileleftheros reports.


The requested budget for equipment for 2019 is €51,867,129. In 2018 it was €76,910,214 and in 2017  €68,798,588.

According to Phileleftheros, between 1995-2000 annual budgets for the purchase of arms reached up to €350 million.

Cyprus Army

The Cyprus Army’s budget covers the wages and benefits of officers.

The requested budget for 2019 is €142.154.424.  The 2018 budget was €136.175.002 and for 2017 €131.823.830.

National Guard:

The National Guard budget contains expenses such as the wages of contract officers, soldiers, technical personnel, catering, maintenance costs and fuel for vehicles.

The requested budget for 2019 is €156.843.185, while for 2018 was €144.639.265 and €139.553.270 for 2017.


Administrative costs include the wages of the Minister of Defence, Ministry personnel, special counsellors, the Ministry’s operating expenses and the maintenance of Cyprus Hellenic Force camps.

The requested budget for 2019 is €7.988.262. For 2018 it was €7.055.458 and for 2017 €5.599.367.

Special allowances for officers:

  • An amount of €129,201 is intended to cover the rents of officers who are assigned to missions abroad.
  • €123,744 is intended to cover the Dangerous Work Allowance of officers serving at the Landmine Mine Clearing Department and the Republic’s bomb disposal technicians.
  • €462,224 is intended to cover the annual flight allowance of Air Force officers and engineers as well as the annual allowance for rescuers and winch handlers.
  • €208,843 is intended to cover the annual diving allowance of the Underwater Demolition Team.
  • €337,580 is intended to cover the annual allowance of parachutists.
  • €685,080 is intended to cover the allowance of 15 military attaches assigned to missions abroad: five in Brussels, one in Vienna, one in Northwood (fighting piracy in Somalia), one in Athens, one in London, one in Israel, one in Egypt, one in Paris, one in Rome, one in a warship in Libya, one in Moscow and one in Washington.



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