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Milchova trial: pathologist says victim died of hemorrhagic shock as a result of dog bites

A trial into the death of Bulgaria Petrana Milchova in Geroskipou continued in Paphos Criminal Court on Friday with the testimony of state pathologist Nicolas Charalambous.

Milchova was found in a field in Geroskipou on February 22, 2018. Police believe she was mauled to death by two dogs.

The owner of the dogs has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and causing death by negligence.  He has also pleaded not guilty to failing to taking the necessary precautions with an animal that could cause injury or death but has pleaded guilty to owning dogs without a dog licence.

Charalambous told the court that he had found 14 wounds on the body of the 46 year old victim that were attributed to bites of one or more dogs.

Several post-mortem examinations were carried out on the victim, including by two pathologists flown over from Greece and the UK.

Charalambous said that it was clear — and all the pathologists agreed –that the woman had died of hemorrhagic shock after being bitten by dogs and denied that he had ever attributed the death to agricultural equipment, saying it was the police investigators who had initially entertained that idea and that the pathologists had disagreed.

He said that in his first report he had spoken of hemorrhagic shock as a result of multiple injuries without giving further details.

Charalambous said police had also examined the possibility the woman’s injuries to the head and hands were a result of a traffic accident, but this had been ruled out by the pathologists.

Asked by the defence lawyer whether it was possible the woman was first hit by something else and then bitten by dogs, the pathologist said he had no such indication.

The trial continues on May 24.

The defendant is free on bail.

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