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Medical supplies, equipment airlifted to Cyprus

A special Aegean  flight landed at Larnaca Airport on Saturday night bringing much needed medical equipment and supplies from China.

The airplane landed a little after 8 pm and unloading started immediately.

It brought 17 tons of medical equipment ordered by the Health Ministry — surgical masks and other protective personal equipment (PPE) such as gowns and glasses as well as 12 ventilators.

Another delivery of medical equipment is due from China on Thursday, the  Cyprus News Agency reports.

The flight was offered by Aegean and Hellenic Petroleum. President Nicos Anasrasiades has thanked both companies for their generous contribution.

In a message on Twitter, Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou also thanked the two companies for generously offering the flight.

“After persistent efforts we have bought considerable quantities of equipment and supplies for our patients, our health professional and the hospitals,” he said.


Photos: Cyprus News Agency

Cyprus airlifts medical supplies from China

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