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Mass testing programme in Cyprus for COVID-19

Another mass testing programme for COVID-19 was announced in Cyprus in areas where many people gather together such as shopping centres and supermarkets, as well as 5,000 tests in the Limassol area, after a spike in cases was recorded there.

In statements after a meeting of the Cabinet, Deputy Government Spokesperson Panayiotis Sentonas announced that the Cabinet approved a proposal by the Minister of Health Constantinos Ioannou for 3,000 random tests for COVID-19 to be carried out in areas where many people gather and said that the programme is already underway with mobile units in place.

Sentonas said the decision was taken in the context of the government’s general effort to maintain the country’s good epidemiological picture.

He reiterated an appeal to the public to follow protective measures, pointing out that apart from any decisions taken at government level it is also a matter of personal and collective responsibility.

In the meantime, Limassol Mayor Nicos Nicolaides announced that another 5,000 tests would take place in the city after a meeting at the municipality with the participation of the Director of Health and Medical Services Elisavet Constantinou and the Ministry of Health’s epidemiological monitoring unit.

In his statements Nicolaides said that 2,000 tests would be aimed at the general public and would be conducted by special mobile units which will be stationed at Grigoris Afxentiou square as of 14:00 pm on Wednesday.

“We urge the public, the people to come and everyone who feels they have a reason to take the test, they should do it,” he added.

In addition, he continued, 3,000 random tests will be done on employees in premises where many people gather, such as supermarkets and restaurants.

“We believe that once this procedure is complete, in the next 4 to 5 days, we will have a good sample and the first conclusions will be able to be drawn,” Nicolaides said, who had asked the government for a complete and targeted epidemiological survey “in order to have full and objective data and to be able to deal with the situation.”

It was also decided that checks on the implementation of measures against COVID-19 would be intensified on a 24-hour basis.

Source: CNA

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