NewsLocalYoung man in stolen car arrested wearing snatched woman's clothes

Young man in stolen car arrested wearing snatched woman’s clothes

Paphos police have arrested a 20-year-old European man driving a stolen car and wearing clothes he seems to have snatched from a woman’s laundry.

The woman, also a European citizen and permanent resident of Paphos, aged 24, on Wednesday morning reported to police that clothes worth €120 were stolen from her porch where she had put them out to dry.

The complainant gave a full description of the stolen clothes among which were three branded pink T-shirts.

At approximately 1:45 pm police stopped a vehicle for a routine check as it appeared to be one that was reported stolen on Sunday.

Behind the wheel was the 20-year-old man, a permanent resident of Paphos, and one whom police repeatedly have dealt with in past.

He is held in custody as investigations are ongoing.


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