Insider Economy Maintaining economy's competitive edge requires continued reform effort, President says

Maintaining economy’s competitive edge requires continued reform effort, President says

President Nicos Anastasiades has called on everyone to realise that maintaining the competitive edge of the country’s economy requires a never-ending reform effort and has urged all stakeholders to join forces in supporting the ambitious reform agenda which our government has drafted and is implementing.

He was addressing the 8th Invest Cyprus International Investment Awards Ceremony which took place at the Presidential Palace. President Anastasiades’ address was delivered on his behalf by Finance Minister Harris Georgiades.

The government, he said, is determined to build on the solid foundations set in the previous years.

In this context, he noted, “the government will continue to work tirelessly to further improve the country’s investment environment, through the promotion of a series of necessary reforms, aimed at upgrading the country’s economic model.”

President Anastasiades said that the government expects “the strong growth momentum to be maintained over the next few years, we expect conditions of full employment to be established by 2020 and we know that in this way, through jobs and opportunities, we shall be able to ensure social cohesion and the well being of our fellow citizens.”

He warned against complacency, pointing out that “we should realise that maintaining the competitive edge of our economy requires a never-ending reform effort.”

In fact, he said, “I call upon all stakeholders to join forces in supporting the ambitious reform agenda which our government has drafted and is implementing.”

On his part Chairman of Invest Cyprus Michalis Michael said the organisation “is the dedicated partner of the government in the effort to establish the country as an attractive investment destination and an international business centre.”

“We are here to help you and support you in any possible way, putting your needs forward and acting as a communications bridge for both the private and the public sectors,” he added.

On his part, PwC CEO Evgenios Evgeniou expressed the belief that “foreign investment is the driving force behind economic growth and job creation; two essential components for achieving social cohesion and prosperity in our country.”

The winners of this year’s awards were Melco Resorts & Entertainment, Galileo Global Education, 3CX, Dragon, V-Ships, and eToro, as well as Non-Executive Vice President of AstroBank, Maurice Sehnaoui.

(Cyprus News Agency)

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