NewsLocalMadari: Cyprus' second highest peak (photos)

Madari: Cyprus’ second highest peak (photos)

The Forestry Department has posted photographs of and from the observation post at Madari which at around 1600 metres is Cyprus’ second highest peak.

The Forestry Department relies on a series of observation posts to protect the forests from fire.

“The observation and monitoring of forest areas for the existence of smoke or fire is achieved through the operation of a network of observation positions, which are located in high strategic areas of  the forests and which are manned during the summer period with experienced personnel,” it said.

And it added: You can enjoy a beautiful route, by walking the Madari circular trail. But make sure to respect the environment:  do not leave any garbage and of course, be particularly careful not to accidentially start any fires.

Photos by Yiorgos A Constantinou, forestry official from the Facebook page of the Forestry Department


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