News Local Locals, tourists report disrepair of busy Limassol footpath (photo)

Locals, tourists report disrepair of busy Limassol footpath (photo)

A 5 km footpath in Ayios Tychonas area, Limassol, used by thousands of locals and tourists has collapsed in three places following extreme weather, Phileleftheros reports.

Ayios Tychonas’ community council, the Green party and Stek (The Association of Cyprus Tourist Enterprises – ACTE) have requested the restoring of the footpath as a matter of urgency.

Pambos Ioannou, president of Ayios Tychonas’ community council, has raised the issue with President Anastasiades in a letter pointing out that some of the best hotels in Cyprus are located along the footpath, including the Four Seasons, the Mediterranean, the Amathus, the Amara, the Poseidonia and more.

Ioannou also emphasised that under the current circumstances the footpath is practically inaccessible as the council had to fence out the affected areas for the safety of the public.

Although a procurement process has already been launched by the community council in a rush to repair the damages ahead of this year’s summer season, Ioannou says that the estimated cost of €400,000 for the reconstruction is too much for the council to cover, and therefore asks for the President intervention.

The Green party told Ioannou in a letter that locals and tourists justifiably complain on a daily basis for the state of the footpath, which has become dangerous to use.

ACTE’s General Manager Chrysemily Psilogeni told Phileleftheros that hoteliers sound the alarm on the ramifications the delay to repair the footpath may have on tourism.

“The Limassol footpath is a jewel to our city with hundreds of tourists and locals using it daily for their stroll to enjoy the sea. However, in the last year, the footpath has fallen into disrepair and is dangerous for everyone.

“We have received innumerable complaints from tourists and travel agents, and we haven’t even entered the tourist season.

“We talk about action plans for upgrading our tourist product, but can’t even upkeep the infrastructure that showcases our competitive advantage; the sun and the sea.

“We call on the competent authorities to repair the seafront imminently before the situation gets worse,” Psilogeni concluded.

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