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Nowadays, zoos are quite important and have an educational and scientific utility. They are facilities, which may contribute to animals’ breeding and preserving, mainly in the case of rare species’ or of those facing extermination. Therefore the zoos contribute to knowing them better and are directly involved in the world nature protection strategy mainly to the rare species’ or those facing extermination. They, therefore, contribute to knowing them better and are directly involved in the world nature protection strategy. The visitors are given the possibility to getting in contact with and knowing them. They help people be aware of the emotional relationship with nature, which is necessary indeed but also with its living part.

Further the main objectives of making the zoos exist, which are a way of protecting and proliferating rare animals, they become the training and learning centre, mainly for children and pupils. The zoos are also a recreational and tourist centre meeting the requirements of all the population ages.

The Limassol Municipality should harmonize its relevant infrastructure with the European Union’s directive, related to preserving wild life in zoos. This is why the creation of a new National Zoo Park has been decided upon, but also because Cyprus needs a modern zoo, which will become the wild animals’ protection centre, as well as a training and tourist centre at the same time.

The Limassol Municipal Zoo is extended to 1 1/2 land acres. It is impossible to create, in this small area, a zoo, which would meet the modern needs with respect to animals’ breeding and being sheltered there. This is why constant efforts are made to improve the living conditions in the zoo.

The municipal council has decided to create a new zoo, a much bigger one, with a modern design, where the animals will be closer to their own environment.

The Zoo came to be operational fifty (50) years ago. Most of the big animals have been brought there from circuses, other zoos or they have been a donation.

In the Zoo there are mainly: tigers, lions, panthers, bears, zebras, monkeys, foxes, mouflon, deer, ostriches, peacocks, vultures, emu, falcons, macaws, pelicans, swans, cherry pickers and ducks.

The Limassol Zoo hosts about 300 animals and birds. There is a Natural History Museum containing a big number of stuff animals, birds and fishes. Furthermore, southern to the Zoo, along the coastal area, there is an Educational Centre, where lectures are likely to take place. Besides, films on wild life and nature are screened. The child nook is also there, where there are various interesting toys and animals, like sheep, goats, donkeys, hens and rabbits. The recreational centre and the canteen are located by the child nook.

Nine (9) lions were born in the Zoo.

Zebras, panthers, camels, mouflons, vultures and other smaller animals have been born in captivity.

A child festival is held there every year, during which a very complete artistic program qualified as educational one is presented.

On Sundays a small sight touring train for the children and their parents makes a tour around the park. The children have also the possibility to have some souvenir photos taken with the small ponies.

All the citizens, companies, schools and organisms are kindly requested to contribute financially either by the project on animals’ adoption or by any other financial contribution. The reason for such a request is the big amount of expenses and the maintenance cost compared with the limited income, considering also the fact that it is a social and non profit-making making contribution.

Opening Hours:
November – January
November / February
March / October

The zoo will remain close for the public on the following dates:
1st of January
Easter Sunday
15th of August
25th of December

Tel. 0035725588345

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