News Local Limassol: 'Missing' swimmer remanded in custody, faces domestic violence charges

Limassol: ‘Missing’ swimmer remanded in custody, faces domestic violence charges

A 44 year old Polish man who had been reported missing after going for a swim late on Tuesday night only to be found drunk in his apartment two days later, was on Friday charged with violence in the family and remanded in custody.

Police, the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre and volunteers had staged a massive operation to find the man who was reported missing late on Tuesday night after he put on his flippers and went for a swim in Limassol’s Molos area.

He had been at the Molos with a friend drinking beers. When he failed to return, the friend alerted police who launched a huge operation by land, sea and air to find him.

The search was called off on Thursday when police went back to the man’s apartment and found him asleep, and in a state of intoxication.

He reportedly told police investigators that he had swum for about two hours, then came out to shore and slept on the beach. He then wandered round the area, drank a lot of alcohol and returned to his apartment on Thursday which he entered by climbing down from the roof to the balcony.

He was arrested on the basis of an outstanding warrant for assaulting his wife, the Cyprus News Agency said

He appeared before Limassol district court without a lawyer on Friday where a case of violence in the family, causing real bodily harm, carrying a knife and carrying an offensive weapon was filed against him.

The 44 year old did not object to remaining in police custody until August 30 when the trial is set to start.

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