in-cyprusLimassol Mayor: "Limassol Wine Festival continues to raise the bar"

Limassol Mayor: “Limassol Wine Festival continues to raise the bar”

Another Limassol Wine Festival is in the history books.

The famous wine festival officially closed its doors on Sunday September 8 at the Limassol Municipal Gardens ending another year of traditional celebrations.

Visitors from all over Cyprus had  the opportunity to taste the island’s wide range of wines, meet local wine producers and experience a small sample Limassol’s tradition and culture.

The new additions to the festival such as the new summer cinema, the fun park, provided an excitement to locals and tourists of all ages.

Limassol Mayor Nicos Nicolaides thanked everyone who attended this year’s festival and invited people of all ages to attend next year’s festival.

“Limassol’s Municipality has kept its promise by continually raising the bar, year after year. This year Limassol provided a spectacular event to everyone who attended and honoured the city’s traditions and winemakers.

Nicolaides promised that everyone involved with the wine festival will continue to work continuously to keep improving the annual event.



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