NewsLocalLimassol: Man arrested on drug charges after police chase

Limassol: Man arrested on drug charges after police chase

A young man is under arrest after a car chase in Limassol that saw police firing a warning shot to apprehend the suspect.

The 19 year old was driving a car, and he and another man jumped out of the car as it was still moving to avoid arrest.

The driver was caught, but the second man got away.

Police said the incident occurred a little after midnight when a police patrol spotted a car moving suspiciously in the Moutayiakka area.

Police signalled the driver to stop, but he sped off, police in pursuit. Police fired a warning shot in the air, the car slowed down and without it coming to a complete stop the driver and passenger both jumped out in an attempt to get away.

The car came to a stop after colliding with another vehicle. In it police found 3.5 grams of cocaine in the glove department.


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