NewsLocalLimassol: ATM spews out €8500, architect hands it in to police

Limassol: ATM spews out €8500, architect hands it in to police


A young architect who went to deposit his salary at a Bank of Cyprus ATM in Limassol’s Germasoyia area was taken aback when, instead of an empty envelope, the machine dropped an envelope full of cash and cheques, philenews reports.

Without a second thought, he called Germasoyia police station, informed them of what had happened and then went to the police station to hand it in.

Together with a police officer they opened the envelope and found €8500 in cash and cheques.

Police congratulated him for his honesty, took his statement and told him the envelope will be handed to the bank and he would be presented with an award by police for his integrity.

The next day, a Bank of Cyprus manager contacted him to thank him and asked him to go by the bank branch. There, the young architect was presented with an honorary diploma and coupons worth €500 as a gesture of appreciation for his honest.

Philenews named the good Samaritan as Christos Genagritis, son of the couple who run the Enalia restaurant at the holiday village of the Union of Cyprus journalists at Pervolia.

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