NewsLocalLimassol: 11 swimmers booked for breaking decree

Limassol: 11 swimmers booked for breaking decree

Limassol police on Saturday booked a total of 48 people for breaking decrees to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Among them were  11 people who went swimming and three people who had gathered in a house.

Over the 12 hours from 6 am to 6 pm, Limassol police carried out a total of 3,675 checks which resulted in 48 being booked.

Specifically, police checked 156 premises, 2906 vehicles (18 booked) and 495 pedestrians (27 booked).

The three who were booked in the house followed a raid by the anti narcotics police. They found no drugs, but there were two people who did not live there and both the two and the owner were booked.


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