Whats On Concerts Life With No Limits (performances, workshops, lecture)

Life With No Limits (performances, workshops, lecture)

The Cultural Services of the Department of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth in collaboration with the Multi-Arts Crossings and with the kind support of the Embassy of the United States of America in Cyprus, present a contemporary dance performance entitled A Life With No Limits, inspired by the work of the famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, created by the Aura Curi Atlas Physical Theatre of America, and with music composition by Cypriot composer Sophia Sarghi, US-based Music Professor.

The show combines dance, theatre and acrobatics as it narrates without words the determination, passion and humour of the famous astrophysicist, overcoming any disability with imagination and boundless knowledge. Also presenting The Fool and the World, a work that choreographs the distinctive symbolism of the 22 Tarot cards, accompanied by original piano music, performed live by composer Sophia Serghi.

Performances with free admission:

Monday 25 November – RIALTO Theatre – 20:30 Evening presentation of the two works

Wednesday 27 November – Nicosia Municipal Theatre

  • 17:30 Afternoon performance for children and families: A Life With No Limits, 40 minutes
  • 20:30 Evening presentation of the two works

Workshops with free entry:
As part of the hosting program for the composer Sophia Serghi and the performance company Aura CuriAtlas, the organizers offer free workshops for children, adolescents, students and teachers in music and dance, to be held on November 26, 2019 at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre, as follows:

Music workshop delivered by Dr Sophia Serghi, Music Professor at College of William and Mary* of the USA

Workshop title: American Minimalism
Date, Time & Venue: Tuesday 26th, 11:00 – 12:30, Nicosia Municipal Theatre
Addressed to participants: Music students age 13+, university students and Music Teachers.
Students are encouraged to bring along their music instruments
Language: Greek

The workshop will focus on introductory concepts of minimalism as a genre that emerged in the New York music scene in the mid 1950’s and evolved through the 20th century into today’s Electronic Dance Music. Participants will be exposed to the music of John Cage, Phillip Glass, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Brian Eno, DJ Spooky. In an ad hoc, hands on workshop approach, the participants will be asked to perform an improvisation of an aleatoric piece by Terry Riley called In C.

From the Pedagogical aspect, instructors will learn how to introduce improvisation of tiny music modules in constructing a thorough composed performance that can have a finished product effect. In addition, it will offer ideas of composing music in blocks of motifs and allowing that they exist independently in time.

Dance workshop delivered by Joan Gavaler, Dance Professor at the College of William and Mary* and Dan Plehal, Chicago Theatre Director, founders and co-artistic directors of Aura CuriAtlas, together with their group.

Date, Time & Venue: Tuesday 26th, 16:00 – 18:00, Nicosia Municipal Theatre
Addressed to participants: Dance students age 13+, university students and Dance Teachers.
Language: English

The workshop will dive into the creative world of Aura CuriAtlas through Contact Improvisation, Partner Acrobatics, and Collaborative Creation. The company is known for its innovative blend of dance, theatre, and acrobatics. Their work embodies the qualities of lightness (Aura), curiosity (Curi), and strength (Atlas) to find enchantment in ordinary situations presented in unusual ways.

Learn the foundations of these partnering practices and how they interact, giving you an extensive vocabulary to generate movement ideas and cultivate collaborative relationships. Workshop participants will move together, climb on each other, and collaborate to devise new artistic material. ‘Join us and surprise yourself with what you can accomplish!’ Joan Gavaler

From a pedagogical perspective, instructors will learn how interactive movement skills can be introduced and then how those skills become the raw material for a movement collaboration within a small group of dancers.

* William & Mary College is a state-of-the-art innovation and cutting-edge public research university in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. Founded in 1693 by letters patent issued by King William III and Queen Mary II, it is the second oldest higher education institution in the United States after Harvard University. It is also part of the nation’s 8 “Public Ivy” universities and offers excellent educational value.

Lecture with free admission:

Title:  Creativity – A Tool for Innovation by Professors Sophia Serghi and Joan Gavaler
Date, time, venue: Thursday 28η November, 11:30 – 13:00, European University Cyprus
Participants: students, artists, professors, and the wider public
Language: English

A personal account of the creative process in launching Sophia Serghis’ first start-up, amid a zone of advice war! Lessons learned in fundraising, pivoting, moral boosting, staying true to your passion, trusting your instincts and embracing patience as the antidote to the fabricated pressure to be first to launch.

Joan Gavaler focuses on Creative Collaboration and Artistic Discovery, and discuss the importance of creative collaboration in creating projects in any field, including the arts. “We will diversify the elements of cooperation and refer to the results we are experiencing in using this process. At the same time, by highlighting our subject, we will bring to life an ad hoc collaborative process».


Argyro Toumazou

[email protected]

mob: +357 99 317278

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