NewsLocalLess admissions of patients to Reference Hospital

Less admissions of patients to Reference Hospital

Admissions of patients suffering from COVID-19 to the Famagusta General Hospital, which operates as a Reference establishment, have been reduced, Amalia Hatzigianni, Scientific Director of the General Hospitals of Larnaca – Famagusta said, adding that from the ages of people being treated there it is evident that nobody is immune to this virus.

She noted that currently, 60 patients are being treated at the Hospital, including six in the Increased Care Unit. This means that there are 15 beds empty, since the hospital’s maximum capacity is 75.

Asked how many people are being treated at the COVID-19 clinic of the Larnaca General Hospital, she said that all cases have been moved to the Reference Hospital since there were empty beds so now there are no patients in Larnaca. However, she added, the clinic is ready to be used, when needed.


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