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Legion Run returns to Cyprus on November 27th !

The organizers of the international phenomenon event, Legion Run have announced that the next edition is confirmed for November 27th in Cyprus at the Petrides Farm Park with a focus on the safety measures and charity.

What is Legion Run ?

Legion Run is far more than a run, it’s an experience of a lifetime. Organizers promise a thrilling, dirty, fun adventure that will give all legionnaires an adrenaline buzz for days, weeks, even years. Each part of the course will challenge your body and mind and will require some teamwork. Most important is that NO special physical preparation is needed to participate, the goal of the event is to show everyone that with the help of your team – you are capable to much more than you think.

Participants will run, jump, crawl and swing and help others do the same. They will play in the mud like kids and cross the finish along with thousands of others! Runners will get scrapes, and bruises, but everyone will be smiling at the finish line. And they finish changed. If you become one of the participants you will have overcome your own limits, faced your fears and will have mentally transformed over this amazing experience.

Legion Run opens to Charity

This year’s Legion Run gives everyone a chance to turn their participation into a cause. By purchasing this donation ticket you donate 10 EUR, and Legion Run will double your donation and so 20 EUR of the ticket price will go to children in need through the Hope For Children Foundation. And that’s not all. Everyone with a donation ticket will have the ability to join the team of the stars supporting the cause starting at 11:30. Among other Stars the Legion will join Andri Hadjichristodoulou and Charis Papaeracleous.

“When fate has taken something from you, it is important to understand what else it has given you. Then you realize what your role is in this life. And only if you fulfill it and give your contribution to other people’s lives, you can feel happy. The other is just letting your life pass by. Buying a donation ticket for the Legion Run is just a small gesture by anyone who prefers to be useful to others and inspired by himself to achieve difficult goals in life. Why the supporting the children in need? Because they are the real ones, the ones who never betray you! ”- with these words Ivaylo Matev – the manager of the company organizing Legion Run accross Europe calls on everyone to turn their participation into a cause and join the Legion of HFC Cyprus.


The event this year has limited capacity and slots are being filled quickly

Since the beginning of the year, more than a thousand Cypriot fans of mud and shared experiences have ordered their tickets. The number of applicants is constantly increasing and the slots in each starting Legion for November 27th  are running out quickly, given the limited capacity due to safety measures.

Тhe registration process and the purchase of tickets can be done on the website of the event, where you can also find a series of useful information, details about obstacles and the experience of participating at Legion Run.

Enhanced safety measures

The organizers have provided a detailed safety plan to protect participants from the spread of infections. It was developed in collaboration with the world’s leading organizers of Obstacle Course (OCR) events, with which a joint working group was established in 2020. The plan has four options and ensures that the Legion Run will take place in all circumstances, even under the most severe possible measures (as long as there is not a full lockdown by the government to get out of our homes).

“Research over the past months has continued to show that socially remote sports carry a minimal risk of infection compared to other daily activities, such as shopping or eating out. By promoting distance, the event industry proves that being outside and moving is better for everyone’s health than being “stuck” in front of a computer all day. After our event in Sofia in July 2021 – we have done a monitoring and as far as we managed to confirm, there wasn’t a single positive case among our participants in the 2 weeks after the event” says Ivaylo Matev Legion Run is a brand that quickly grows in number of events and participants, that until now took place in France, Italy (Rome), Israel, Malaysia, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania (Vilnius), Ukraine (Kiev). For the past 7 years nearly 150 000 people have already challenged themselves, and their number being in constant growth year after year.

Who can participate at Legion Run?

Anyone who wants to overcame his/her own limits, meet some amazing people and work together as a team. Also companies can offer to their employees an unforgettable team building and surpass the obstacles as one, creating an intense connexion and reinforcing team work.

Companies can benefit from the personalized packages that offer a great media exposure and visibility during the event. More details regarding the companies packages here:

Find Legion Run on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, You Tube.

For any details and other special requests you can contact us at the email address: [email protected]


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